Initial Evaluation

The purpose of the initial evaluation is to provide Atlanta Dog Runner with a chance to meet with you and your pet in order to assess their needs as well as your own.  If you are interested in our pet sitting services, the initial evaluation will ensure Atlanta Dog Runner understands your pet’s routine and any special instructions while you are away. No cost!



Each private run lasts between 40-50 minutes and begins with a warm up walk, progresses into a jog/run, and ends with a cool down walk. Your dog’s health is our number one concern. We constantly monitor your pet for signs of overexertion. $35 per session



Each private walk lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes. The walk is set at a comfortable pace and allows your dog to sniff and explore.  $25 per session


Dog Sitting

Visits to your home to feed, give fresh water, and 30 minutes of structured exercise and attention. This is a great option to allow your pet to remain comfortable in their own home while you are away. $25 per visit


Cat Sitting

Atlanta Dog Runner loves cats too! Each visit lasts about 30 minutes to feed, give fresh water, clean litter, and give your cats attention while you are away. $20 per visit


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